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- applied techniques for improving healthcare industry performanceSM -


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A B O U T  M E D I T E C H N I X  

 H E A L T H C A R E  I M P E R A T I V E 

Healthcare in the United States is quickly moving towards a convergence of a population which will require increasing levels of healthcare provision, with uncertain resource capabilities to meet these needs.

 P E R F O R M A N C E  I M P R O V E M E N T  

MediTechnix is solely dedicated to improving the…

  • Clinical Performance
  • Financial Performance
  • Operational Performance
  • Strategic Performance

…of entities which populate the healthcare market.

 C L I E N T S 

MediTechnix’ client set includes…

  • Health Systems
  • Hospitals
  • Physician Practices
  • Ambulatory And Post-Acute Care Providers
  • Health Plans
  • Others In The Continuum Of Care
     Selected Client References are available for review.

 W H E N  D O  C L I E N T S  H I R E  U S? 

  • An unusual challenge arises
  • We bring an opportunity to client's attention
  • Not enough local resources
  • When third party objective and trusted advisory is sought
  • Prior consultant failure to perform
  • Problematic project turnaround required

 G U I D A N C E 

MediTechnix personnel guide clients to…

  • Efficiently Solve Challenges
  • Take Advantage Of Opportunities

…which often seem unsolvable to the client, and may have lingered for months, years, and even decades. Selected Case Studies are available for review.

 T E C H N I Q U E S 

MediTechnix applies a multidisciplinary array of…

  • Consultative Methodologies
  • Standardized Proprietary Models And Products
  • Client-Specific Models

…to isolate, understand, and solve whatever issue may be at hand. Applied Techniques and Details are available for review.

 S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y 

MediTechnix focuses on sustainability of the solution, setting into place the constructs for continued high performance long after our engagement is complete.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

- Albert Einstein

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

- R. Buckminster Fuller




B A C K G R O U N D  

MediTechnix is a privately held and independent firm. 

It is a wholly owned subsidiary of a parent consulting group with a successful 20 year history of game-changing performance for our major nonprofit, governmental, NGO, philanthropic, private equity, and Fortune 100 clients, successfully guiding them in the strategy, development, and implementation of over $12 billion in complex operational changes and ventures, new services, technical polices, and transactions.

MediTechnix knows that the healthcare industry is more complex than most for many reasons
. MediTechnix is in the position to observe that the changes in techniques that drove efficiencies in other industries over the last 30 years, now need to be applied in some form to healthcare.

Hence our Corporate Mission Statement…

- applied techniques for

improving healthcare industry performance -

MediTechnix addresses the needs of our clients throughout the USA and selected offshore accounts.











Engineering, medicine, business, architecture and painting are concerned not with the necessary but with the contingent - not with how things are but with how they might be - in short, with design.
- Herbert Simon

P R I N C I P L E S  

  • We apply known, tested, and proven techniques for measurable performance improvement to clinical, operational, financial outcomes, which may be influenced by internal and or external factors.
  • We believe that “Good Medicine Is Good Business”.
  • A good plan with good execution will result in better patient outcomes, higher patient satisfaction, and better economics of the service.
  • A good plan, with stakeholder buy-in, with leadership brought to bear when necessary, will be successful.
  • The Client’s well-being and satisfaction, and patient quality of care, are always the highest priority.
  • We use multidisciplinary Challenge solving for comprehensive solutions. We don't solve one problem while creating others.
  • We use pragmatic straightforward Challenge solving methods. However, we will apply methods as sophisticated as necessary to resolve the issue.
  • Sustainability, after we leave, of any consulting effort.
  • Objectivity, always.



  • Healthcare industry challenges can be complex and multidisciplinary, and not easily placed into a particular category of solution.

  • Our techniques are not off the shelf, or out of the literature. Our techniques are proprietary and have been solely designed and developed for our client set.

  • Please contact us at gene.monaco@meditechnix.com or 412.657.7739412.657.7739 or use the "Contact Us" form to schedule a personal confidential meeting, or for more information, to determine how we may be of service.

  • Allow us to prepare a custom solution proposal to address your challenges and opportunities.


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