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G E N E  M O N A C O  B I O  N A R R A T I V E  

 E U G E N E  V  M O N A C O 

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Full Curriculum Vitae and Bona Fides available upon request

Gene works to improve healthcare industry integrated performance through the MediTechnix consulting and technology application group. He has ultimate responsibility for design, execution, and quality of work of the Firm. Firm professionals include expert engineers, physicians, macro data strategists, financiers, quality professionals, and information technology and biometric scientists.

Gene is sought-out by healthcare professionals as a creative challenge solver and has evolved into a thought leader. Always vigilant for a professional challenge, he has been drawn to the healthcare industry because of its sheer multidisciplinary complexity, and the quantum leap it is undergoing in his domain expertise of management engineering. Analogous to the management engineering approach taken by the Mayo Clinic, Gene has already successfully migrated numerous lessons learned and models from other industries into deployment for his healthcare clients.

Commissioned by several physician and administrative leaders, Gene’s multidisciplinary working groups have isolated innumerable high ROI opportunities to increase “Triple Pillar” integrated performance in healthcare (i.e., patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, economic efficiency), further evidencing the axiom that “good medicine is good business”. Resultantly, he has concentrated on efficient opportunity isolation assessment techniques, and creating, adapting, and implementing improved and new data-driven evidence-based medicine management models and technologies to meet these needs in healthcare.

His healthcare consulting and technology application experience primarily extends to Transplant, Emergency Department, Interventional Cardiology, Pharmacy, and others, with numerous intersections with clinical infrastructures, nursing and tech operations, patient processing methods, and external factors such as quantification and stochastic forecasting of patient supply and capacities demanded.

Gene has previously designed industry-changing disruptive technology processes for Ford, Nortel, and Xerox with several billion dollars of bottom-line impact using a Technoeconomic Modeling Technique he created at Carnegie Mellon University. This Technique enables determination of economic worth, risk management, fault isolation and abatement, and efficiency and quality improvements typically associated with the well-regarded Toyota Production System. Importantly, this method also provides a structured basis for change management and performance measurement. This work was also foundational to CMU’s Green Design Initiative; better quality and economics, with less resources and waste.

Gene began his career in capital markets where he had senior investment banking responsibility for 23 public finance offerings, with significant work in financing and development of greenfield and brownfield commercial real estate. He subsequently began a consulting and private finance career serving Fortune 100, government, private equity, philanthropic, and non-profit clients in 50+ major successful projects and private placements.

Gene holds MS Certificates in both Project Management (PMI), and Business Analysis (IIBA), from the University of Pittsburgh Katz School EMBA Program, as well as the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) in process improvement and new process design. He was granted a BS Cum Laude in Business Administration from the University of Pittsburgh, and a BS in Civil Engineering from Carnegie Mellon, receiving the Outstanding Senior Thesis Award. The recipient of the IBM Fellowship to underwrite his research, Gene completed an MS in Civil Engineering, also at Carnegie Mellon, ranking first in his class.

Gene joined the Committee for Oversight in Organ Transplantation (COOT) in December 2012.


  • Healthcare industry challenges can be complex and multidisciplinary, and not easily placed into a particular category of solution.
  • Our techniques are not off the shelf, or out of the literature. Our techniques are proprietary and have been solely designed and developed for our client set.

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